The Poor Author's Pudding

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45 minutes 4 Servings Print RecipeEmail Recipe


6slicehome-style bread (trimmed)
1⁄2cupsugar (minus 1 Tablespoon)
2ounceliqueur or brandy, any kind (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, kirsch or brandy)
3 eggs
 ouncestewed fruit sauce (optional)


Heat oven to 350F.

Butter the bread rather heavily and cut it in one-inch squares. Scald the milk with the sugar, liqueur, and vanilla extract. Beat the eggs until very light and, still whisking, pour the scalding milk over them in a medium stream. Put the bread in a small deep 1-quart baking dish and pour thin custard over it. Bake about 25 or 30 minutes. It should be lightly browned and puffed up. Unfortunately it falls instantly, but don't overcook it thinking you can change this. The pudding is done enough when a silver knife comes out of the center with just a little custard on it. Let the pudding settle 5 or 10 minutes and serve warm.


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