Pastiera Napoletana

Classic Italian Easter recipe for Pastiera Napoletana.

Pastry Cream (Crema Pasticcera)

A recipe for Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream that can be used with many Italian pastry desserts.


He recipe for Cicerchiata;the perfect Italian cake for Carnival, Easter or Christmas.

Cannoli Alla Siciliana

A great recipe for any holiday, especially Easter and Christmas, for Cannoli Alla Siciliana.

Easter Dove (Colomba Pasquale)

This bread was once a specialty of no one, but is now commonly available throughout Italy. A classic recipe for Colomba Pasquale, Also known as Easter Dove bread.

Teramo Style Turnovers (Panzerotti Alla Teramana)

These turnovers, also known as pocket pies, Panzerotti or Pasticci (Empanadas in Spanish), are ideal for an Italian Easter.

Risotto Genovese

A classic Italian recipe for Risotto Genovese.

Tuscan Bread

A celebrated tawny loaf of Tuscan Bread.

Zuppa Alla Senese

A bean soup that is done in the style of Tuscan minestrone.

Soup of Trieste (Minestra Alla Triestina)

A soup from Trieste, Italy - Minestra Alla Triestina recipe.

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