Basic German Pancakes (Deutsche Pfannkuchen)

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30 minutes 4 pancakes Print RecipeEmail Recipe


1⁄2cupflour (sifted)
4 eggs
6tablespoonbutter (approximately)


Sift flour, sugar and salt together. Using a rotary beater, whip eggs until light and frothy; beat in milk. Turn flour mixture into beaten egg and, still using beater, whip until you have a smooth batter. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a 10" skillet, or a 12" skillet if you can handle it, and pour just enough batter to cover bottom with a thin layer. This should take approximately a fourth to a third of the batter. As soon as you pour batter, tilt and rotate pan so batter will run over it evenly. Cook over moderate heat until pancakes are golden brown on underside; turn and brown second side. Remove to heated platter.

Continue to fry rest of pancakes in same way until batter is used up. Add 2 tablespoons butter to pan between each pancake. To keep the first pancakes hot while you make the others, arrange them in large open baking dish and place in 250F to 300F oven until you are ready for them. Keep oven door open to prevent them from baking. Place a topping (if desired) on panckes after all are done.

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