Omelet Country Style

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15 minutes 4 Servings Print RecipeEmail Recipe


6 eggs
1⁄3cupsalt pork (or bacon or cooked ham – diced)
1cupsorrel (cooked down and drained, optional)
2 potatoes (finely diced)
  parsley (chopped)
  chives (chopped, optional)


Melt 1 tablespoon butter and omelet pan and add diced pork (or bacon or ham). When dice are brown, removed to a plate and reserve. Add potatoes to fat in pan and sauté until they are soft and golden brown. Add lightly beaten eggs mixed with salt, pork dice, sorrel, parsley, and chives. Shake pan and at the same time stir the ingredients with a fork. When eggs start to set around the edges, put remaining butter around the edges and under the omelet and move the pan gently in a circular motion to make sure the omelet is not sticking to the bottom. When the first faint odor of eggs just starting to brown is noticeable, flip over the omelet and let brown lightly on the other side. When that side has set and started to brown, slide omelet onto serving platter.

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