Bacon, Pepper, and Potato Frittata

This recipe for Bacon, Pepper, and Potato Frittata is sure to become a country classic.

Camp Creek Inn Brunch Enchiladas

A recipe from Camp Creek Inn for delicious and unique Brunch Enchiladas.

Campfire Breakfast

A great recipe and plan for a Campfire Breakfast - try it at home too!

Danish Apple Custard

A delicious recipe for Danish Apple Custard.

Cheese Appetizer (dip)

A rich and delicious recipe for a Cheese Appetizer dip that is sure to be a hit at any event.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara (Spaghetti with Ham and Eggs)

A classic Italian recipe for Spaghetti all Carbonara - Spaghetti with Ham and Eggs.


Panettone is a traditional Italian bread perfect for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

Scotch Eggs

A classic English rescipe for Scotch Eggs - delicious as a snack or picnic.

Shirred Eggs

A classic recipe for Shirred Eggs - good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Egg and Bacon Crepes

A rich crepe breakfast recipe for Egg and Bacon Crepes.

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