Bananas with Rum

Bananas with Rum is a classic recipe from the Pacific side of Latin America: primarily Mexico.

Torta de Masa (a fine-grained, sweet corn bread)

Torta de Masa is a fine-grained, sweet corn bread served alongside many Tex-Mex meals.

Mexican Beans

This recipe for Mexican beans is similar to refried beans, but without the extra fat and "refried" part.

Pico de Gallo (Mexican hot table sauce)

Mexican hot table sauce is the older (American) name for Pico de Gallo.

Diana Kennedy's Mexican Clam 'Coctel'

A delicious starter for great Mexican seafood meals.

Guacamole with Shrimp

Need a great food for tailgating or a Cinco de Mayo party? Or just for any fiesta? Try this delicious guacamole!

Mexican Tortilla Sandwich

A delicious recipe for a Mexican Tortilla Sandwich that is quick and easy to prepare.

Mexican Chicken

Mexican Chicken imported from Recipe Import

Green Rice (Arroz Verde)

A classic Mexican recipe for Green Rice, or Arroz Verde.

Almond Chicken (Pollo Almendrado)

Pollo Almendrado, or Almond Chicken is another classic Mexican dinner.

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