Hot Crab Spread

A creamy and delicious Cajun recipe for Hot Crab Spread.

Bacon-Cheese Spread

This Bacon-Cheese Spread recipe is a great bacon spread for a football game, or just about any party.

Clams Marinara

A classic appetizer recipe for Clams Marinara.

Curry Mayonnaise Dip

A delicious dip recipe for Curry Mayonnaise Dip.

Grilled Lamb Riblets

A classi recipe fpr Grilled Lamb Riblets; good as a main dish or appetizer.

Teriyaki Ribs

Teriyaki Ribs imported from Recipe Import

Asian Chicken Wings

A delicious recipe for Asian Chicken Wings; a great appetizer.

Mushroom Caps Filled with Herb Cheese

A delicious, class recipe for Mushroom Caps Filled with Herb Cheese.

Clam Bundles

Delicious morsels that are best served with crusty bread; you may substitute mussels if you'd like.

Garden Cream Cheese Spread

This recipe for Graden Cream Cheese Spread is best served chilled.

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