Island Paradise Sandwich

A delicious seafood sandwich perfect for summer - or even in the middle of winter when you wish it the weather was warm.

Toasted Roquefort and Roast-Beef Sandwiches

A delicious recipe for Toasted Roquefort and Roast-Beef Sandwiches.

BBQ Cheddar Burgers

See the notes for suggested sauces to go with this recipe for BBQ Cheddar Burgers.

Waffle Devils

An simple recipe for Waffle Devils; a type of pressed sandwich well before they were popular.

Polish Hamburgers

These Polish-style hamburgers are a delicious alternative to the everyday.

Hobo Sandwich

Hobo Sandwiches are great for a party or for eats during a game.

Barbecue Cheddar Burgers

This recipe for Barbecue Cheddar Burgers is a classic burger for the grill.

Grilled Smoked Turkey Tilsiter Sandwiches

A delicious summer sandwich recipe for Grilled Smoked Turkey Tilsiter Sandwiches.

Curry and Cucumber Dressing

Curry and Cucumber Dressing is a delicious topping or salads or sandwiches.

Ides of March Sandwich

This Ides of March Sandwich Recipe could be seen as a sort of Caesar salad made into a sandwich.

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