Nut and Almond Cake

A rich Nut and Almond Cake recipe perfect for Passover.

Coffee and Nut Cake

A delicious recipe for Coffee and Nut Cake - one of many classic Passover cakes. This is a low and moist cake.

Easter Cakes (Cuddura di Pasca)

Classic Italian Easter Cakes, known as Cuddura di Pasca, are typically formed, or cooked in tins, in the shape of animals.

Powdered Sugar Icing

A classic recipe for Powdered Sugar Icing that can be used on cakes, cookies or sweet breads.

Pound Cake

A classic and time-honored recipe for Pound Cake.

Victoria Sandwiches

Victoria Sandwiches are a simple snack or dessert that traditional was made from equal weight of eggs, butter, sugar and flour. History has it that these were a favorite of Queen Victoria.

Cinnamon-Sugar Applesauce Muffins

A wonderful and delicious recipe for Cinnamon-Sugar Applesauce Muffins.

Moroccan Beignets

A classic and delicious recipe for Moroccan Beignets - another perfect recipe for Hanukkah.

Walnut and Cream Cake

A classic Hanukkah recipe for Walnut and Cream Cake.

Bulgarian Beignets

A classic recipe for Bulgarian Beignets - make them for Hanukkah.

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