Mocha Cream Cake

A delicious Passover recipe for Mocha Cream Cake.

Hazelnut and Butter Cake

A classic recipe for Hazelnut and Butter Cake; a great cake for Passover.

Nut Cake

A classic Passover recipe for Nut Cake.

Holiday Meringue Cake

A delicious Passover Holiday Meringue Cake recipe.

Nut and Almond Cake

A rich Nut and Almond Cake recipe perfect for Passover.

Passover Chocolate Cookies

This recipe for Passover Chocolate Cookies is a chocolate brownie recipe in all respects except the flour: matzoh-meal is used instead.

Coffee and Nut Cake

A delicious recipe for Coffee and Nut Cake - one of many classic Passover cakes. This is a low and moist cake.

Carol Wolk's Matzoh Balls

A classic recipe featuring Carol Wolk's Matzoh Balls.

Moroccan Beignets

A classic and delicious recipe for Moroccan Beignets - another perfect recipe for Hanukkah.

Walnut and Cream Cake

A classic Hanukkah recipe for Walnut and Cream Cake.

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