Ukrainian Poppy Seed Cake

A delicious recipe for Ukrainian Poppy Seed Cake.

Brownie Pudding

A decadent and delicious recipe for Brownie Pudding.

Blueberry Betty

A old-fashioned recipe for Blueberry Betty that couldn't be easier to make!

Strawberry Snowballs

A delicious and refreshing summer recipe for Strawberry Snowballs.

Strawberry Milk Shake

A classic drink - does anyone not like this?

Sicilian Home-Style Cassata (Cassata Casalinga all Siciliana)

This recipe for Cassata Casalinga all Siciliana, Sicilian Home-Style Cassata, is an important traditional Easter grand finale to dinner in Sicily.

Berry Zabaglione

A classic and delicious recipe for Berry Zabaglione - good with strawberries or raspberries, depending on what is best available.

Moroccan Beignets

A classic and delicious recipe for Moroccan Beignets - another perfect recipe for Hanukkah.

Bulgarian Beignets

A classic recipe for Bulgarian Beignets - make them for Hanukkah.

Pecan Pie

An American classic recipe: Pecan Pie.

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