Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Cream Cheese and Sweet-and-Sour Cucumbers

A great recipe to help you with turkey leftovers. Or maybe if you just like turkey and a great sandwich!

Glazed Carrots with Orange Zest

A classic American side dish recipe for Glazed Carrots with Orange Zest.

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Candied Sweet Potatoes are a must for the holidays!

Nutmeg Orange Sauce

A delicious sauce for any occasion you serve ham.

Easter Cakes (Cuddura di Pasca)

Classic Italian Easter Cakes, known as Cuddura di Pasca, are typically formed, or cooked in tins, in the shape of animals.


A classic recipe for making Eggnog at home, from scratch.

Mulled Cider

A classic recipe for Mulled Cider.

Spirited Eggnog

A fine recipe for Spirited Eggnog.


This is a great recipe for Pizzelles; a classic Italian cookie for the holidays

Brandied Sweet Potatoes

A classic southern holiday recipe for Brandied Sweet Potatoes.

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