Coca-Cola Cake

A simple recipe for Coca-Cola Cake; a Southern favorite.

Spiced Marble Pound Cake

A classic and easy to make Spiced Marble Pound Cake recipe.

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

This recipe for Chocolate Cake Doughnuts is especially good with the mashed potatoes as an ingredient.

New Jersey Doughnuts

A classic old-fashioned recipe for New Jersey Doughnuts - bet you never heard of these delicious rings!

Strawberry Angel Cake

This Strawberry Angel Cake is a pretty, pink and white dessert.

Sicilian Home-Style Cassata (Cassata Casalinga all Siciliana)

This recipe for Cassata Casalinga all Siciliana, Sicilian Home-Style Cassata, is an important traditional Easter grand finale to dinner in Sicily.

Mocha Cream Cake

A delicious Passover recipe for Mocha Cream Cake.

Hazelnut and Butter Cake

A classic recipe for Hazelnut and Butter Cake; a great cake for Passover.

Nut Cake

A classic Passover recipe for Nut Cake.

Holiday Meringue Cake

A delicious Passover Holiday Meringue Cake recipe.

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