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Turkey Salad ala King

A simple and easy to make recipe for Turkey Ala King.

Wynn's Chili Pie

This neat recipe for Wynn's Chili Pie is sure to hit the spot in cold weather.

Old Berlin Frankfurters

This recipe for Old Berlin Frankfurters is great to prepare ahead for a picnic or even a chilly winter game-day.

Friday Night Roasted Chicken

Friday Night Roasted Chicken is a simple and delicious recipe for any night of the week.

Maine Chicken Pie

This recipe for Maine Chicken Pie can be made with or without the msg and yellow food coloring listed.

Texas Barbecued Chicken

This delicious recipe for Texas Barbecued Chicken is prepared in a single skillet.

Nippy Pork Chop Platter

Nippy Pork Chop Platter is a tangy recipe given it's flavor by the mustard.

Country Kerry Pork Chops

A delicious recipe for Country Kerry Pork Chops.

Sesame-crisped Chicken

Sesame-crisped Chicken imported from Recipe Import


Picadillo is a traditional dish similar to hash and served in a variety of types throughout the Caribbean and the Philippines

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