Cherry Bounce

A delicious recipe for the holidays; this is enough Cherry Bounce to last throughout holidays.


A classic recipe for a Margarita; probably one of the most popular drinks from Mexico.

Yucatan (Yucatán)

Classic drink from eastern Mexico - Yucatan (Yucatán).

Rum Cocktail (Ron Coctel)

a classic recipe for a Mexican Rum cocktail (Ron Coctel).

Tall Tequila (Tequila Alta)

Classic drink recipe for a Tall Tequila (Tequila Alta).

Sangria (Sangría)

Southwestern American recipe for Sangria (Sangría) - one of many around.

Frontier Cocktail (Coctel Frontera)

A classic Mexican drink; Frontier Cocktail (Coctel Frontera).

Mai Tai

Classic recipe for a classic cocktail - Mai Tai. Use a good quality dark rum.

Bloody Mary

A classic Sunday brunch recipe for a Bloody Mary.

Pisco Sour II

A good recipe for a Pisco Sour – There certainly be more than one on this website.

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