Spicy Chicken Salad with Mushrooms

A delicious Cajun recipe for Spicy Chicken Salad with Mushrooms.

Chicken Scrapple

A healthy alternative recipe for Chicken Scrapple.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

A classic American recipe for Chicken Waldorf Salad.

Chicken with Raisins and Pine-nuts (Pollo con Pasas y Pinones)

A classic, and delicious Spanish recipe for Pollo con Pasas y Pinones or Chicken with Raisins and Pine-nuts.

Mississippi Rice with Chicken

A classic regional recipe for Mississippi Rice with Chicken.

Kentucky Chicken

A delicious southern recipe for Kentucky Chicken.

Apricot Chicken Breasts

A low-fat recipe for Apricot Chicken Breasts: about 350 calories per serving.

Chicken in Coconut Milk (Opor Ayam)

A classic recipe from Bali, Indonesia for Chicken in Coconut Milk (Opor Ayam).

Chinese Cabbage with Chicken (Sayur Goreng)

A classic recipe from Bali, Indonesia for Chinese Cabbage with Chicken (Sayur Goreng).

Oven Fried Chicken

An easy and classic recipe for Oven Fried Chicken.

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