Light Mashed Potatoes

a great recipe for Light Mashed Potatoes - especially nice if the rest of your meal is already very rich.

Diabetic Milk Shake

A refreshing beverage you won't tire of in warm weather!

Apple Muffins

A low-calorie and delicious recipe for Apple Muffins. About 108 calories each with 4.3 grams of fat, 15.4 grams carbs, 31 mg cholesterol, 80 mg sodium and 38 mg calcium.

Orange Cranberry Pie

A unique and delicious recipe for Orange Cranberry Pie.

Foil Baked Flounder Fillets

At around 147 cal per serving, this recipe for Foil Baked Flounder Fillets Is perfect for anyone looking to cut the calories and have a healthy meal.

Overnight Coleslaw

At around 41 calories per serving, this delicious recipe is one that is sure to be a hit at a picnic or cook-out.

Feathery Buttermilk Pancakes

At 53 calories each, these pancakes are a delicious, low-calorie breakfast that the whole family will enjoy.

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