Strawberry Butter

You can use home made butter or just softened butter from the store.


A classic and easy to make recipe for home made butter.

Easy Barbecued Chicken

an incredibly simple recipe for Easy Barbecued Chicken.

Skillet Chicken

A fast and easy recipe for Skillet Chicken.

Risotto with Spring Vegetables (Risotto Primavera con Verdure e Pecorino)

A delicious recipe for Risotto with Spring Vegetables - in Italian: Risotto Primavera con Verdure e Pecorino.

Coca Cola Cake Icing

An icing recipe good for Coca-Cola Cake, or any other cake you would like.

Coca-Cola Cake

A simple recipe for Coca-Cola Cake; a Southern favorite.

Quick and Thick Spaghetti Sauce with Meat

A Quick and Thick Spaghetti Sauce with Meat recipe perfect for a busy weeknight.

Friday Night Roasted Chicken

Friday Night Roasted Chicken is a simple and delicious recipe for any night of the week.

New England Quahog Cakes

This recipe for New England Quahog Cakes features quahogs, also known as hard clams.

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