Cape Codder

A refreshing summer drink recipe for a Cape Codder.


Similar to a Bloody Mary, this recipe for a Bullshot can be spiced according to your preferences.

Blue Monday

Having a Blue Monday? Try this drink recipe!

Bloody Mary

A number of bartenders have claimed to think up the recipe for a Bloody Mary, but many agree that it was invented by George Jessel.

Bloody Caesar

This recipe for a Bloody Caesar was invented in the Canadian Rockies by Walter Chell is a cousin to the Bloody Mary.

Black Russian

A classic recipe for a Black Russian drink.

Black Magic

A classic vodka and coffee liqueur recipe for a Black Magic.

Beer Buster

A classic drink recipe for a Beer Buster. Enjoy with care.

The Barristers Special

This recipe for The Barristers Special is from the bar of the same name once located in the Hotel Toronto (now a Hilton Hotel) in Ontario, Canada.

Atlantic Avenue

The recipe for the Atlantic Avenue drink was created a street fair in Brooklyn, New York called the Atlantic Antic. It is a variation on the drink the Salty Dog.

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