Bourbon Creme Anglaise

This recipe for Bourbon Creme Anglaise is the perfect glaze for Banana Bourbon Cake.

Chocolate Frosting

This recipe for Chocolate Frosting is especially good for brownies.

Spoon Bread with Bacon

Does something NOT go with bacon? Check out this recipe for Spoon Bread with Bacon.

Walnut Brittle

A classic colonial recipe for Walnut Brittle; substitute other nuts if you would like.

Country Apple Pudding

A classic recipe for Country Apple Pudding.

Fruit with Amaretto Cream

Fruits that can be used with this recipe for Fruit with Amaretto Cream include berries, peaches and grapes.

Fresh Strawberries with Grand Marnier Cream

A delicious recipe for Fresh Strawberries with Grand Marnier Cream.

Little Pigs of Heaven (Tocinillo de Cielo)

A classic dessert recipe from Spain for Tocinillo de Cielo, known as Little Pigs of Heaven in English.

Vanilla Cream Icing

A easy and quick recipe for Vanilla Cream Icing; perfect for cookies or brownies.

Maple Baked Apples

A classic and delicious recipe for Maple Baked Apples.

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