Rich Mashed Potatoes

A very modern recipe for Rich Mashed Potatoes using roasted potatoes.

Corn Chowder

A classic and delicious recipe for Corn Chowder that is sure to satisfy anyone on cool September day.

Strawberry Bavarian Cream

Strawberry Bavarian Cream is a classic dessert and everyone's favorite.

Linguine with Porcini Cream Sauce

A delicious recipe for Linguine with Porcini Cream Sauce.

Pike's Peak Potatoes

A delicious side dish recipe for Pike's Peak Potatoes.

Sherried Mushrooms

A delicious and earthy recipe for Sherried Mushrooms. Good with many meat dishes.

Fruit with Amaretto Cream

Fruits that can be used with this recipe for Fruit with Amaretto Cream include berries, peaches and grapes.

Fresh Strawberries with Grand Marnier Cream

A delicious recipe for Fresh Strawberries with Grand Marnier Cream.

Chocolate Cream Frosting

A classic chocolate cream frosting recipe great for any layer cake or cupcakes.

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