Apple Chutney

This recipe for Apple Chutney is a great complement to pork, poultry and curries. It also makes a wonderful gift.

Sugar Syrup

An easy to prepare recipe for Sugar Syrup; perfect for fruit compote recipes and more.

Curried Apples

A recipe for Curried Apples - a perfect side dish for any meat.

Bentley Butter

A recipe for seasoned butter, Bentley Butter, used at a restaurant in North Palm Beach, Florida (existing at the time of publication).

Fresh Plum Leather

A great fruit leather recipe for Fresh Plum Leather.

Cheese Soufflé

A classic and delicious recipe for Cheese Souffle; easy to make and well-worth the baking time.

Creole Seasoning Mix

A good all-purpose recipe for Creole Seasoning Mix - use it on most anything you would like to give a great Creole flavor.

Grilled Pears

Grilled Pears imported from Recipe Import

Baked Cheese Pudding

a delicious and authentic recipe from the Dutch for Baked Cheese Pudding.

White Rice (Arroz Blanco)

Classic recipe for Mexico for White Rice (Arroz Blanco); however there are probably many ways rice is cooked in Mexico. This is just one.

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